Privacy policy

Project owner

Wojtek PoĊ‚owniak is the owner of the Websightly project.

Your data

Websightly itself does not store your personal data. No traffic is shared with third party services. Privacy and accessibility is my focus and I intend to keep it that way - so you're as annonymous as possible.

Informations that are explicitly stored in your browser only:

  • Individual preferences (selected themes, visibility of some elements on the site)
  • Steps you've taken in the Websightly guide - as a tool for letting you know about new features, in browser, in non intrusive matter.
  • Counts of how much did you help me using Coil or other Web Monetization service, to show you apropriate thanks monit.

This data is only used to enhance your learning experience and does not live anywhere outside your browser, nor is shared with third party companies.


Newsletter service is provided https://tinyletter.com/, which is handled by https://mailchimp.com/. You can see their privacy policy on https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/.
If you wish I can manually delete you're e-mail address from the mailing list.


Commenting service is provided by https://commento.io/. You can also see Commento's privacy policy.

Third party cookies

In some articles I might share content hosted on YouTube. When you access (play) such recordings, Google LLC cookie files related to YouTube service are used.